Thrive Yoga Summit
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The Essence Of Thrive Yoga

We VALUE Community & We Guarantee:
  • Acceptance – of all aspects of ourselves and of others.
  • Fun – which includes inviting laughter into a yoga practice and creating a joyous studio environment.
  • Self-reflection – as a needed part of inquiring within deeper parts of ourselves.
  • Authenticity – giving ourselves and others the permission to show up as we are.
  • Different perspectives – we value and honor humility which accepts the dichotomies of life and helps us learn from others.
  • Connection – to ourselves, each other, and nature.
  • Support – our desire to support ourselves, eachother, and the community
best yoga studio frisco, frisco, co, yoga studio near me, summit county yoga

Our Instructors

The Life of Our Studio

Our Instructors are eminently qualified and are as fun and varied as the diverse types of yoga styles they teach.  They bring their passion for the community and for yoga to every class.  Most instructors are also available for private sessions or special events.  Give us a call and find an instructor that’s right for you!

The Power of Yoga

a Physical, Mental and Spiritual Practice

Yoga has many benefits, the most important being that it reminds us that we are more alike than different, that we are all ONE.  Thrive Yoga Summit is a space for all of us to thrive as individuals as well as a community. We encourage everyone to bring their authentic self and to celebrate that same authenticity in others.

Thrive Yoga Summit
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