Yoga Styles

Yoga Styles
Find one That Fits Your Needs


Vinyasa classes utilize smoothly flowing and consist of a series of poses that will teach you to coordinate with the flow of your breath. Vinyasa movements cultivate balance, stability, flexibility, and vigor. Breath awareness and coordination are carried throughout the practice as the asana ebbs and flows between effort and ease.


Hatha yoga will provide you with a well rounded yoga experience including postures, breath work, and meditation. This class provides a combination of postures coordinated with the breath, performed at a strong, slow pace which allows time to be present in each pose. Poses are often held for a few breaths, allowing yogis to really connect with each pose, exploring its physical and mental challenges. Classes focus on releasing tension, connecting with the breath and helping students gain strength and flexibility.



Yin yoga is a deeply relaxing practice that targets the joints and interconnective tissues of the body to restore range of motion and flexibility while relieving pain and chronic tension throughout the body. Poses will be held for a few minutes each to allow for muscle and fascia release. This practice complements any active yoga practice or exercise routine.


Restorative yoga is a practice which utilizes props to create positions of ease and comfort to facilitate relaxation in the body. A totally rejuvenating practice comprised of seated and supine poses, which are held for 3-15 minutes of time to allow for deep relaxation in the postures. Designed for all levels to promote deep relaxation, muscle recovery, and overall health.


Stiff Men's Club

All the intimidation of being in a traditional yoga class melts away as this class is designed with you stiff guys in mind. This class is catered to mens body types and won’t require you to put your foot behind your head or attempt pretzel-like positions (unless you’d like to!) . Gentle and slow stretching, combined with some strengthening and stabilizing, combined with some deep breathing, will calm your mind and allow you to experience yoga in a way that fits you. This is a class of playful laughter. It’s part of the process.

Yoga for Graceful Aging

This class is designed for those active adults ready to learn how the many benefits of yoga can help increase flexibility, balance, stress, strength, brain health, and range of motion as we age. This class will require the ability to get on and off the floor without assistance and is designed for those 55+


Yoga for Mental Health

This class will provide you with skills and practices to help you stay present in your body. This class is designed to calm the nervous system to help you find tools that you can use in your everyday life. This class is designed for all ages and levels of students. All teachers of this class will have experience with Trauma Informed Yoga Practices.

Gentle yoga

Gentle Yoga offers a combination of postures coordinated with the breath, performed at a gentle pace. This class is great for beginners, ore those looking to slow down and connect with each pose, exploring its physical and mental challenges.



Align is a movement practice that emphasizes structure and alignment of the body. This class moves at a slower pace and breaks down poses to learn and understand how alignment can create ease in the body and flow in the breath. This class focuses on strength, mobility, and balance. This class is great for the beginner yogi who wants to understand movement and alignment, and for the advanced practitioner or fellow teacher to gain reminders and new perspectives on cues and body positioning.

Pop Pilates

POP Pilates® is where strength meets flexibility. Think highly-focused movements that leave your body toned and transformed. This isn’t your average workout. It’s a dance on your mat.

Designed as an equipment-free class with a range of movement modifications, POP Pilates® is for everybody.
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