Class Levels

Class levels

Find one That Fits Your Needs

We assign levels to our class levels so our teachers have a frame of reference when they are planning their classes.
With that being said, all of our classes are open to ALL Levels! Our teachers are prepared to modify the practice to meet your level and ability.


Open level classes are all levels classes. This class type is great for yogis of all levels and abilities. These classes are suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Open level classes will offer alternative postures and modifications so that the pace and structure of the class are suitable for all bodies.

Level 1

Level 1 classes are classes designed for those with little to no yoga experience that are looking to learn and be challenged. This class is slower-paced and has more cueing and guidance than an advanced class level. These are great for those that want to become familiar with yoga poses and learn how to work with breath.

Level 1/2

Level 1/2 classes are Beginner/Intermediate styles designed for those who have some experience practicing yoga. These classes are great for those that want to develop a stronger practice, explore a wider variety of postures, and discover independence in their yoga practice. Students can expect a varying class pace; flow classes will continuously move from posture to posture, alignment classes might hold postures longer. Remember, just because they are slower, doesn’t make them easier!

Level 2

Level 2 classes are Intermediate classes designed for those who have a good understanding of basic yoga postures and the relationship between breath and movement. These classes build to peak postures and the pace tends to be more continuous. Teachers may provide slightly less instruction and trust students to modify their practice

Level 2/3

Level 2/3 classes are advanced-intermediate classes suited for more experienced practitioners that have a solid understanding of yoga postures. Classes often build to a peak posture, demand more strength, balance, and flexibility, and move at a continuous pace. Teachers will provide required cueing and require that students have the ability to modify their practice.

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