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Do I have to register for class in advance?

You do not need to register for classes in advance however we highly recommend that you DO! There are numerous ways to register for classes including online using this link, through the Wellnessliving Achieve App (instructions below), via calling the studio at (518) 524.2141. Whether you choose to book online or through the app, you will need to create an account with Wellnessliving. 

How do I register for a class or an event online?

To register for a class online, visit this link. You will be prompted to create a profile. Once you create your profile then you will see the option/tab to “Book Now.” Click on Book Now to see the available Class or Event options. Scroll down to view the class options, when you find the class you’re looking for, select the large, green “BOOK NOW” button. If you have passes available then you will click “Complete” to finish registering. If you do not have passes available then you will be prompted to purchase a drop in, pass or membership. You will then receive a notification that you have succssfully booked a class and you will receive a receipt for payment if you made a purchase. If you don’t receive an email, make sure your notifications are turned on (See instructions below)!

First and foremost, you will need to download the Wellnessliving Achieve App from the App Store. Open the app, and if you haven’t already please create an account. If you have an account then you can login using your Wellnessliving credentials. Look to the bottom of your phone screen, select the blue “Book Now” tab to see the available class options. Once you find the class that works best for you, select “BOOK.” If you have passes available then you will click the large blue “Complete” button at the bottom of your screen. If you don’t have passes, you will be prompted to select a pass option and make a payment. You will then receive a notification that you have succssfully booked a class and you will receive a receipt for payment if you made a purchase. If you don’t receive an email, make sure your notifications are turned on (See instructions below)!

How do I know how many passes I have left on my punch pass?

To check on how many passes you have left, login your wellnessliving account using this link.  Once you have logged into your account, click on the Passes & Membership tab. Scroll down to see which passes are active, in use, or expired. 

How do I know which classes would be best for me?

We are always happy to help you understand which classes would best help you acheive your yoga-related goals. You can check out the class descriptions here and class levels here. If you have questions after reading, please contact us! 

How do I register someone else for a class or event?

We think that you are such a wonderful person to be signing your friends and family up for classes! We really appreciate your effort! Unfortunately, you will not be able to sign someone else up for class unless you create a separate account for them and/or unless you have their account login information. You can create an account for someone else if you have their name, email and phone number. Wellnessliving will not let you have multiple accounts using the same email address, so be sure that someone has access to the email that you use for their account. You will also need to enter payment information for this person in order to pay for their classes and services. Once the account is set up and payment has been made it is fairly simple to log in and out of accounts in order to sign up numerous people for classes. 

Can I share one of my passes with someone else?

We offer a 20-class Shared Class Pass for you to share with family and friends! Check it out on our pricing page. We also have unique pass options for special groups such as small businesses that can be shared amongst a group of people but that needs to be designated at purchase and set up in advance. Please contact us for more details about these passes. 

Why am I not getting class reminders?

If you want to receive notifications and reminders from Wellnessliving, you must turn your notifications on.  To update your notification settings go to your Client Profile, click the “Notifications” tab.  If you want to receive notifications regarding the classes and services that you have booked via email, toggle the Email button to “ON.” If you want to want to receive the notifications via Text, toggle the SMS button to “ON.” If you want to receive notifications related to activity on your account, toggle either the Email or SMS button(s) to “ON.” 

Help! I think I have multiple profiles on wellness living!

If you are struggling to login to your Wellnessliving account because you have numerous email addresses and/or if you have purchased a pass or membership that you can’t find on your account then you might have accidentally created numerous profiles on Wellnessliving. If that is the case, please let us know and one of our staff members can merge them for you. 


In order to purchase a gift certificate you will need to create an account with Wellnessliving. Create this as YOUR account, not the account for the person who is receiving the gift card. Log in to your account, click on the “Store” tab, select “Gift Card” from the list of product categories. Fill in the required text fields and click “Add to Cart.” Wellnessliving will take you to your shopping cart and will guide you through processing payment for the gift card. You will receive a receipt via email and the gift card + code will be sent to the recipient via email. 

Therapeutic-- COMING SOON!

Therapeutic Yoga uses a methodic application of sequences to unwind fascial patterns of holding and pain in the body. Much of the work is floor-based and passive, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy! This therapeutic style of yoga resets the nervous system, opens the joints, and releases patterns of restriction in the body, using long holds and specific alignment. This is an all-levels class and everybody—athletes, couch potatoes, young and old, will find this practice accessible and will benefit from it!

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