Meditation in Summit County

With the Summit Interfaith Council

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The Interfaith Council is sponsoring twice monthly non-religious meditation sits at Thrive Yoga. Let’s come together for shared meditation among different faiths and spiritual practices; it can build bonds and promote dialogue among people of different traditions. In addition, shared practices can be a way to educate ourselves and broaden our understanding of other spiritually based organizations. All of these things can benefit not only individuals involved, but the whole community. Rebecca Warshawsky of SOS, along with Diane Ryan and Pat McShane will alternate the meditations.

Meet the Facilitators


Rebecca Warshawsky

Meditation has been a focal point in my life for many years.  I was trained in a Jewish spiritual meditation while living in Austin, TX.  At the Heart Hospital in Austin, TX I took courses in meditation practices for health benefits utilizing Jon Kabat-Zinn’s approach of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).  In addition, meditation practice was an essential part of the 200 hour yoga teacher training I completed at Meta Yoga studios 3 years ago.   Through meditation, I personally find an inner stillness and peace that helps me navigate the world. That is what I try to share in leading meditation.


Diane Ryan

I have been practicing various methods of meditation for 12 years. I’m a member of Contemplative Outreach and have been trained to guide others in Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina according to the teachings of Thomas Keating. Although my main practices are Christian based, I’ve studied meditative practices of other religions and spiritual paths, and I believe the common threads that run through all of them can foster a community of compassion, acceptance and unity. This is what we hope to offer through interspiritual meditation.  
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Pat Mcshane

Brought up in a Christian tradition, I became interested in comparative religion and eastern religions in my twenties.  I learned basic meditation techniques in my thirties and gradually transitioned to a dharma practice.  I have studied Buddhist beliefs and practices and taken basic vows.  Meditation and retreats are very helpful for me in keeping grounded during a busy life.  It’s been my privilege through Summit Interfaith council meditation group to share some of my practices with our community.
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Parent & Baby Yoga

Jenna has been practicing a variety of yoga types for the past 13 years and has had the honor of teaching for the past 7 years. She has recently become a mother and has enjoyed blending yoga into motherhood from the beginning of her pregnancy to her daily life with her baby. She believes yoga can be found in all moments of life, whether riding a bike, spending time with loved ones or practicing in a studio, she hopes to help everyone she encounters ignite their yogi flame and experience peace and happiness.

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