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We are seeking passionate yogi-preneurs who’s heartfelt mission is to create mindful, loving, inclusive communities where everyone can Thrive. A sound business background is preferred as it will enhance your experience as a studio owner but we go above and beyond to equip all Thrive Yoga Owners with an extensive training in best business practices, conscious entrepreneurship and mindfulness in leadership. We walk alongside you in the opening of your studio, hiring the most talented staff, building transformative programming and the development of your own proprietary revenue streams. Together we work to establish and grow your very own wellness sanctuary. If process resonates with the truest parts of your being, contact us today, you’re exactly who we have been looking for!


Thrive Yoga is your locally-owned, neighborhood yoga studio. Each studio is owned autonomously and supported by the brand management team and our talented group of Studio Owners. Each studio has over eight successful revenue streams, the best profit margins in the yoga industry, receives access to free business coaching through Prana-Preneurs and is encouraged to built additional, vertically integrated companies. We operate as a studio collective that is growth-oriented and committed to doing meaningful work. We are NOT a franchise, though we do leverage the known benefits of a franchise model to help our individual studio owners grow and THRIVE!

Thrive Yoga Provides Studio Owners with the Following:

  • A growing network of owners
  • A guiding template for the studio structure and organization. This template encourages autonomy and creative license to design your studio as you wish!
  • Access to a robust template library for all critical business documents
  • An established, recognized and celebrated yoga brand
  • Unlimited One-on-One studio ownership training
  • Free access to Prana-Preneurs and the Thrive Yoga Co.llective (more information coming in 2021)
  • Access to an existing, nationwide customer base
  • Business strategy that improves speed of growth and accelerates profitability 
  • Partnership with a Motivated Leadership Team
  • Lessened Investment Risk
  • Shared Marketing and Advertising Efforts
  • Full Autonomy with Studio Ownership
  • Human Resources & Staff Support (You actually need fewer employees because you have access to Thrive Yoga’s existing staff)
  • Reduced Day-to-Day Demands
  • Well-Rounded Technical Support
  • Aid with Finding Business Capital
  • Lower Start-up Costs than other competitive franchises (we are not a franchise!)
  • Affordable License Fees. We don’t drain our own studios!
  • The FREEDOM to work on your passion projects, work within your Zone of Genius and not be weighed down by the constant demands of small business ownership! 


  1. Contact Us using the Contact Form on this site.
  2. Speak with Brittany and fill out Ownership Questionnaire Form. 
  3. Enter into Confidential Discovery Phase 
  4. Complete Site Visits & In Person Interviews
  5. Come to Conclusions on the Partnership Potential
  6. Move into Official Sales & Ownership Training Processes.

Yoga Is Essential

The pace of living in America has increased exponentially and the expectations to be a “productive” citizen are relentless. There are fewer opportunities to slow down, unplug, and experience stillness of the mind. The mental pressures are translating into physical ailments where more and more Americans are suffering from anxiety and depression. Fewer people feel that they have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to help themselves. This has led to many issues such as statistically-frightening, failed relationships and even more devastating epidemics such as the opioid crisis and increased suicide rates across the nation.

We feel this is an obvious outcry for help and that is why we have structured our studios to be less like fitness facilities and more like wellness sanctuaries. The healing properties of yoga have existed for over 2,000 years and our mission is to stay true to the roots of a traditional practice. When you enter a Thrive Studio, it feels pure, free of distraction, and inviting to all. In Thrive Yoga Classes, our teachers aim to be like facilitators and educators and less like exercise instructors. We focus on how the practices of mindfulness, movement, and living yoga (taking the lessons from class off the mat and into the world) can solve larger global issues that create adversity and destruction.

We are creating a culture and lifestyle around conscious well-being. This shifts the perception of yoga from a luxury part of self-care to a necessary part of mental health, physical wellness, and emotional prosperity. If we are doing our job correctly, we are showing people the value of self-study and and therefore fostering life-long students.

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