Our Instructors

Our Instructors

Meet Our Dedicated Teaching Staff

Our instructors embody what it means to live from love, and through asana, they put love into motion. Yoga teachers are like master gardeners; they nourish small seeds through collective practice and breath-work. They hold space for still introspection, and facilitate collective movements that enliven people and provides tools that help us understand what it means to Thrive!  All of us at Thrive Yoga are committed to spreading the love through movement. We trust that if we can move and love one individual then they can become a beacon of love and light for those we cannot reach.

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Brittany Romano

Owner at Thrive Yoga Summit, Founder of Thrive Yoga Studios

Brittany intentionally weaves practices such as breathwork, meditation, mobility patterns, traditional flows, and deeply nourishing poses into her classes, workshops and trainings to juxtapose and provide contrast to a typical day so that students can quickly dive into the ritual of self-study. Most would agree, her classes are creative and grounding, powerful but accessible, physically energizing, and emotionally uplifting. One thing is certain, students will experience joy and transformation!

Brittany has been teaching since 2008 and deeply understands that yoga is about connection. Since giving birth and struggling with a postpartum back injury, she has come to understand that our connection to Self (our bodies and our minds) and to others is fluid and ever-evolving. It takes failure and disconnection to learn how to nourish, connect and build sustainable lifestyle patterns that keep us alive and thriving. This awareness drives Brittany’s passion to teach teachers and support her students as they move through all the phases of life. Brittany has trained to teach Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, and Prenatal Yoga. All levels are always welcome in any of her classes

Sarah Woodward

Sarah Woodward

Head of Yoga, Vinyasa, Mobility + Rocket Yoga Teacher

Sarah discovered the magic of yoga while rehabilitating from a sports injury as a teen. She was inspired by the gentle strength-building and subtle philosophy offered in every class. Sarah completed her first training in 2017 and has amassed over 800 hours of training since. 

Sarah leads creative flows that introduce both adventurous poses and introspective moments, and that welcome seasoned yogis and beginners alike. Her personal philosophy is that every minute spent on your mat is a minute of freedom.
When she is not laying in savasana, you’ll find Sarah studying French wine regions or romping with her dog on a trail.
Brittany Phelps
Take time to make your soul happy

Olivia Reed

Vinyasa, Align & Flow

Olivia first took a yoga class as a tween and didn’t come back to it until college. She quickly fell in love with the community, the way that movement could be a meditation, and the fact that a yoga practice is an independent experience in a group setting. Olivia moved to Summit in January 2021 and was warmly welcomed into the Thrive Yoga community. She has become an integral part of Thrive Yoga’s marketing team.  Now, after completing her first 200-HR YTT she is so excited to jump into the Thrive Yoga teachers community as a teacher!


Ghanay Gloude

Sound Journeys & Yoga for Graceful Aging

Who am I? A being of love, of reflection, of curiosity, basking in new awareness and old wisdom. I am reclaiming myself each day through practice and surrender to life, which feels lately like a process playful trial and perfect error. I am a songbird. I am a yogi. I am a mystic. Certified Sound Journey Practitioner and Certified YT 200hr.


Energy cannot be destroyed, only changed.


Nicole Maynard

Restorative + Yin

Nicole’s yoga journey started in 2008 when she was exploring tools for remaining grounded in both body and mind. Nicole believes each day can present a different experience on the mat and that teachers guide students through this process. Having graduated from Thrive Yoga’s 200HR YTT, Nicole sees yoga as another opportunity to support the mental health and overall wellbeing of those living and working in Summit County. 
Kat Johnson

Kat Johnson

Vinyasa + Yin/Yasa

Kat is a certified yoga teacher, women’s life coach, embodiment mentor, and fellow student with a big desire to assist others in their healing and growth journeys. Her classes are soothing and thoughtful, yet playful and creative. With an emphasis on somatic exploration and self-inquiry practices, each student is given the opportunity to dive deeper beneath their surface and beyond the physical aspects of yoga. Kat believes this practice is different for everybody; uniquely insightful and deeply personal on varying levels. Therefore, it is her mission to leave each of her students feeling embodied, supported, accepted, and safe within themselves, their environment and experience. As your teacher, she vows to hold space for all parts of you; your range, individuality, expression, and needs; Your entirety; And together, you will explore the transformative potential of yoga, both on and off the mat.

Molly Powell

Molly Powell

Align & Flow, Yin, Hatha

Molly’s mission in life is to facilitate healing for as many people on this planet as possible! She has been a licensed massage therapist for 8 years and a Reiki practitioner for 3. She also has a Bachelor’s in Psychology, and continues to educate herself on all things human behavior.
She infuses her knowledge of Reiki and massage into her yoga classes, in hopes that her students leave feeling uplifted, balanced, and educated. She loves learning and is continually enrolling in new classes related to the healing arts.
Molly believes that, even though she might be the one teaching a class, there is always something to learn when it comes to yoga and being in community with others.


Kelly Stecklein


Kelly is a Colorado native who found her love for yoga over 25 years ago. Initially she pursued her 200 hour yoga teacher training solely for her own personal growth and development. She quickly realized how much she enjoyed teaching others and how it allowed her to give back all of the tools and resources that yoga has personally given her over the past 25 years. Yoga has been instrumental in her life in helping manage stress, and has also been a key component in helping her heal physically, emotionally and spiritually time and time again.
Kelly’s style of teaching is devotional, inclusive of pranayama, mantras and mudras. Her creatively sequenced classes are energetic and uplifting, creating synergy and oneness.
When not teaching or honoring her own yoga practice, you will find Kelly coaching her clients at her Financial Planning and Wealth Management firm. She also enjoys everything outdoors and is often skiing, biking, or traveling the world.


Yoga is the dance of every soul with the music of every breath that creates inner serenity & harmony

alexa stillwell


Hatha + Vinyasa

Alexa started her yoga journey in 2013, coming back to it over and over through the years. Yoga became this part of her that she knew she could always count on. Her practice was her healing and she found a new kind of freedom and self-reliance through her practice. The desire to connect, understand, and share more brought her to her 200-hour teacher training in 2019. In cultivating her yoga practice she has reconnected to the pull and guiding force of her intuition, her deepest self, and her love of teaching.


Jen WOlinetz

Yoga for Every Body!

Jen has been practicing yoga for most of her adult life. She beat breast cancer, though it changed her body and she utilized yoga and a recent 200 Hour teacher training as an opportunity to learn to to love this new version of myself. Yoga allows her to be present in her body, no matter what she can or can’t do. Jen hopes to share joy, laughter and love for what our bodies can do with her students. 

yogis at gunsight pass

Like a tree, you have to find your roots and then you can bend in the wind

Amy Donnon Yoga Instructor Thrive Yoga Summit Frisco colorado

amy Donnon

Heated Vinyasa, Slow Flow

Amy is a Georgia/Florida girl, raised on both a beach and a farm. Yoga as exercise has been a part of her life since the 1990s when her health-conscious mom started practicing at a local gym.  However, it wasn’t until Amy broke her hip at age of 28 that she reconnected to all aspects of the practice. Yoga may have found Amy through fitness, but it became embedded in her heart when she moved beyond the asanas and learned to apply the philosophies of yoga to life. 

On the mat, the flow, strength, power, flexibility, surrender, and stillness have always called to her, though she says it took years to realize this applied to more than just her physical body. In class, Amy will aim to bring a creative flow that opens each yogi to the potential of playing with movement and feeling confident in that movement no matter what it looks like.  She’s in it for the “feels” and will encourage yogis to be more intentional in those in-between spaces because that is where flow happens.

hilary terrell yoga instructor best yoga summit county

Hilary Terrell

Heated Vinyasa

Hilary, who was born and raised in Summit County, found yoga in 2012 while recovering from an athletic injury. While it began as a wonderful way to access restorative movement with limited mobility, the myriad other benefits quickly became apparent and it evolved into an integral daily practice to cultivate inner peace and mindfulness.

Inspired to dive deeper into the practice and share the same benefits of yoga with others, she pursued her 200 hour teaching certification in Colombia in 2022. Her vinyasa classes are flowy, playful, and energetic, infused with an intention to leave students feeling uplifted and empowered.

A certified health and wellness coach, she is passionate about helping others achieve optimal well-being in all areas of life, and she strives to support community members in finding vibrancy and vitality both on and off the mat.

Hannah Cammoun

hannah cammoun

Vinyasa & Gentle Yoga

Hannah began practicing yoga in 2015 to help with anxiety. She found immense relief in linking movement with breath and with the simple yet profound feeling of her feet planted firmly on the earth. Since then, yoga has been her saving grace. She says that “it impossible to use language to describe the ways in which this beautiful practice continuously heals her spirit on and off of her mat, it is an experience that can only be felt.” Hannah hopes to be a space-holder for those who wish to go deeper and choose to use this practice as a way to facilitate internal transformation within their own hearts. 


jodie rellihan

Vinyasa + Hatha

Yoga is science, Yoga is art, Yoga is LIFE as it’s happening! In the subtle space between effort and observation lies the connection of mind, body, and breath. This is the place where I have found my truest self – light, strong, flowing, free. As an instructor, I hope to guide students to this same space within themselves. Together we will shed layers, unbind ties, and strengthen our physical, mental, and emotional bonds. Knowledge is power, but wisdom is Divine. Let’s tap into it. We will cultivate, integrate and explore our inner and outer worlds to gain clarity, understanding, and peace of mind.

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